The Triumph Factory...

Well, after having waited for a long time,
I was given the occasion to visit the Triumph
factory in Hinckley. The 30th of June, I headed towards Calais to get the Shuttle across the channel. After a very quick crossing (fantastic system altogether) I met my friends from the at a junction on the M25. First to turn up was Stuart, then Andy. The 3 of us rode up the A5 towards the factory, a quick ride, especially when a Honda VTR is trying to keep up with us hehehe! We eventually got there, and met Mike and Derek.

The visit was quite interesting but I found it was lacking a bit in originality, Triumph still invited a French guy to entertain the crowd with stunts ;o)

After the visit, Andy Derek and myself headed to the pub for a drink, to celebrate that glorious day. You'll find here a couple of pics to try show you a tad of the trip. I hope u enjoy them as much as I do, (thanx again Andy for the pics...) you'll see a couple of very special Daytonas indeed! As usual, please send me a mail if you need any info.






Speed triple burning out It says it all! :o)
Daytona Bi-coloured daytona. Sold by Triumph on the day
Daytona 2 ...from another angle...
TT 600 Made by Jack Lilley!!!
Daytona Another special paint job for that one
Renegade exhaust Nice innit?
Speed triple Speed triple fans, check this one out!!!
Speed triple stoppie well... ;o)
Speed triple wheeling well bis....

Please click on the links to load the pics. Please be patient some of them are big in size.