At approx 21:30 on saturday night (the 16th of March), A fire started on the production line.

Approx 16 workers were in there at the time it started, and all escaped to safety. On sunday at 11:00 hours, the factory was still ablaze "Big time".

Over 130 Firemen are on the scene, Approx 28 fire engines. Live T.V coverage reporters are also there.

A worker from there has stated that 75% of the entire factory is destroyed.

From the road side, it all looks gutted, just bend and distorted metal framework left, I will keep you informed of the consequences of this drama.


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UPDATE: (13/05/02)

It appears that the four cylinders engine dept has been affected only, along with some stock. The Bonneville, TT600 and Speed four range (200 S4 destroyed!) have all been affected/destroyed, making the very few S4 delivered rare gems!

Production will resume during the summer, the parts should be available until then thanks to Triumph's stock despatching policy.