Here we are, Triumph best kept secret is no longer a secret.
The excellent website
Motorcyclenews posted today the first pictures of the new Daytona, in Caspian blue.
(the model will first come out in Blue and silver)

What can I say about her? well, a lot of mixed feelings really, and these are shared by others on the forum. She looks Japanese!
A mix between the ZX9-R the SP1 and the CBR.
The heart is still a triple (thank God!), producing 149 Bhp for 188 kgs according to Triumph.

The mechanical base is the same as the T5, it is still a fuel injected 955 cc engine, and work has been done on some areas such as the head, the manifold, injection system, the exhaust, and other internals.
I regret they didn't rebore that engine to 1000cc to match the opposition tho'.

The cycle part remains what it was, in a lighter version. The big change is the swingarm, Triumph decided to loose the single sided version for a normal one (yuck!), claiming a better stiffness while being lighter.

I do hope Triumph has made the right move there, keeping the triple configuration was important, making a bike look like the opposition might boost sale, again, it might not, as the "old" T5 had a very personnal asset concerning its looks, and if people were concerned about reliability, no one ever said anything about the looks of the bike but that it was fantastic looking, a personality to match its engine character...
what about now???

Leave me a message if u wish to comment on this, whether u agree or not, all opinions are accepted.





Dayto Vs Dayto...


An "Anniversary'' version of the latest Daytona is planned for the end of September at the Paris show.
The price is yet to be announced.
(Mine's ordered...hehehe)

This machine has the assets of the old and new 955i, comes with all the options, carbon fiber fairing, single sided swing arm, the bike Triumph should have made when they decided on replacing the T5!
There will be only one bike per dealers in France, and all the bike are numbered.

One colour only will be available. British racing Green, with black rims.
Aren't you dying for a pic yet?

Ha, go on, have a look at this picture, an exclusive snapshot of my future bike before it's official release!!!