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Hello everyone...

Welcome to my web site. This place on the "World Wide Wait" will be under permanent construction as I'll try to make this site live over time.
I'm currently thinking of upgrading the site a bit using some techy stuff... I hope to get that done as soon as I can.

As you probably guessed, I will be talking mainly about my hobby : Motorcycling, and particularly Triumphs T5 series bikes.

I do not aim to compete with other websites, already offering exaustive information about Hinckley's Triples, but trying to offer you stories, some info on my bike, and what's going on in the French Triumph/motorcycling scene, particularly around Paris.

I've also added a
"racing" section, where you will soon see the pics of the races (mainly Endurances races) where my friends and I enjoy going every year!

One last thing, please make sure you drop me a line in my guestbook if u wish ...
If you wish to ask me a detailed question please use my E-mail rather than the guestbook. Thanks.