This section will be under current construction, probably even more than the rest of this site, simply because events keep happening thanks to the FFMC.
Don't fret, you will get to know the
FFMC through the pages built under that Parisian section.

So keep coming here frequently if you want to know what's happening for us riders living around Paris, and
the reviews of the World Endurance Races we go to ;o)...

If you are foreign and want to visit us in one of the event in Paris, you will notice a lot of riders living by the "JBT rules" ;o) :

Joe Bar Team ( Joe+Bar means "Insane" in French")

The Joe Bar Team first appeared in 1975. In this year they were making the streets of Paris 'unsafe' for anything on the streets. Every trip became a race or a challenge for these men. It doesn't matter if you've got a Italian, Japanese, English or German bike, a single, twin, triple,four or six cylinder, two or four-stroke engine, all what counts is that it's fast and grunty!!!


The JBT is a comics (4 albums available). A bunch of lads in Paris, and while the story started in the 70's it carries on today as their kids followed the steps of their dads in the last album,, using more up to date machinery. (GSXR's CBR's etc...)
A lot of fun to read, and so true about the good sides and bad sides of people who ride bikes. (Permanent competition among ourselves, the brotherhood we have etc...) A lot of time this comic brings these sides to extremes, making it very funny coz everyone of us can find himself represented by one of the characters...:o)

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PS: Never tell out loud you shit on Harleys.... ;o)