FFMC stands for "Féderation Francaise des Motards en Colère". ("French Federation of Angry Riders").

You probably read earlier on that the French motorcycle lobby was strong, enough to make a government review a flawed/unfair laws (eg: Road tax banned for motorcycles since the early heighties after months of struggle with the French transport minister elected at that time).
Well the FFMC IS this lobby. Most of the people working in that federation are non-paid people, who really wants to see an improvement for everyone (car drivers included) by underlying law flaws, fighting for riders rights, organizing events etc...

Here are the main actions among others...



The most important dates:

1978: Riders get together to defend their rights.

1980: The association is officially created.

1983: Facing ever increasing insurance premiums for motorcycles, the FFMC will crete its own insurance company, "the Mutuelle des motards", and its own motorcycle magazine, "moto magazine" as a medium to increase rally impacts and to write impartial reviews on motobikes and gear.

1984: FFMC will create the AFDM, a proposition to educate riders and drivers to make the roads safer

1984: FFMC loisirs will be created. This aims to teach youngsters how to be safe on 2 wheelers. This will help to maximize the amount of people passing the official licence.

1984: Moto puzzle. This is to regulate the black market of stolen motorcycle parts, hence trying to reduce robberies on bikes.

1987: Stop vol. Independant organisation undertaking tests on disclocks, U-locks and chains from diffferent manufacturers. the results are made available to riders so they can protect their bikes with the best gear. Using the recommended gear will give you special rates from your insurance company.

1988: The FEMA is created. The FFMC contacted similar associations in 18 different countries in Europe to maximize Europeean riders interests...The FEMA currently gathers 23 associations from different countries.

Many more actions have been taken since, fighting against the
Gayssot law is one...

FYI, I am not a member of the FFMC for personnal reasons, I just think they are doing a great job, and help me riding on safer roads everyday.

HERE to check out the events...