GAY-SSOT: the smart French minister of transport!!!!

Okay his real name is Gayssot, but I thought the name above is MUCH more significant of the person ! ;o)

This great person, sitting behind his chair woke up one day and had a great idea!
"Lets stop the road killings in France, and lets write a nice law to do so..."
the idea is good.......the way it's done is entirely wrong, and even dangerous for human rights in my humble opinion.
(and in the mind of thousands of road users also!!!!). This why the French motorbike lobby came out with this logo to try and explain that the French government goes the wrong way about achieving safety on the roads:

"Live the road better.
no to repression....
yes to education
I respect, I share.--------------------->


The idea is to fight against some ridiculous ways the government use to prevent accidents on the roads.

Their main idea is to input speed to all accidents, when it is proven by some independant bodies that speed does not generate accidents, it makes them worse...

I would say that a driver with proper education, (good knowledge of counter-braking and avoidance techniques, in depth knowledge of line analysis) in a good and healthy shape, riding (or driving) at 250kmh on an empty motorway is WAY less dangerous than a guy, half drunk or drugged in a car, driving at 50 kmh!!!

This seems quite easy to understand, for most people who drive regularly on the roads.......easy except for people that have chauffeurs!!! (*stares at Gay-sot*)
(By the way, did you know that Gayssot was involved in an accident recently!? his chauffeur knocked off a moped because he was driving like a lunatic in Paris!!!!!!! and this was on the papers here believe it or not!)

the second part of his text, involves a huge fine for speeding, (50kmh above the speed limit) which can lead to Jail if you're caught a second time!!!! this is a first in Europe!

I mean, picture yourself driving home at 3 AM, on a free motorway, driving at 180 kmh, (speed wich can be reached by almost any modern vehicules!!!) and you end up in jail with the guy who killed 3 persons and robbed a bank!!! fair!? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!
The worse bit is yet to come!:
The owner of the vehicule will always be responsible of a speeding ticket! (? hu??)

BUT you can avoid the fine!!! yes! IF YOU CAN PROVE YOU LENT YOUR VEHICULE TO A FRIEND OR A RELATIVE AND THAT IT WASN'T YOU WHO WAS DRIVING!!!!!!! (yes they will ask for a phone # and address! )
yeah right, you will give your friend's phone # to the cops!!!!!
This is pure despotism as far as I am concerned, and people do not realize this is how Hitler started!!!!!!!!

Okay, so, this is the problem, and I can hear you say: "what do you offer then!?!?"
(Please click on the link...)