It has been a tradition for Parisian riders to gather every friday nights
for nearly 30 years now, and every generations of riders keeps this tradition
Originaly set in "Rungis", a lot of accidents happened there. Wheelies, stoppies
and illegal races were at the menu, and a lot of people got injured or killed.
The meeting was then moved to "Bastille" (where you can still find bikes
from 10 PM onwards) because it was going to be harder for people to race
around a round about ;o) and people go there to have a chat about bikes.
This meeting place is slowly shifting to Vincennes in front of the castle
because of the noise level (over 500 bikes make a LOT of noise).
Nowadays the real gathering is in Vincennes, where races have been
banned by the extensive use of police forces in the aera, but the politics
have never managed to ban the meeting altogether as the bike
lobby's too strong in France for that.
Vincennes's an hospitable town just seven kilometers east of the
heart of Paris. Along with its historic monuments, Vincennes is bordering
the vast Bois de Vincennes woodland park.
From the Revolution to the Second World War, the castle witnessed
the storms of history, serving in turn, or simultaneously, as a state
prison, a porcelain manufactory, an arsenal and barracks.
A lot of things are happening in the place on fridays,
this is the heart of the French motorbike lobby.

Riders heading out to Vincennes--->

This was a rallye against a law our stupid transport minister is trying to put through.
this took place the 5th of June, 10000 bikers from everywhere in France came to
Vincennes, the starting point of the Rally.This was organized by the FFMC