Da famous triple !!!

The new Daytona has arrived, and
the Hinckley factory kept the 3
cylinders engine for its 2001 model.
Why?  Try one and  you will
Its behaviour and sound is simply
magic, I have tried many engine configurations and all had their own charater, but the best for sensations is definitly the triple.

It pulls cleanly from 3000 rpm, strongly in a beautiful growl up to 8000 rpm, then it kicks you all the way to the red line, loosing power progessively as the injection system delays the timing, gently when hitting the rev limiter, (it doesn't feel like ur hitting a "wall" like on the other bikes)

Bench test


Made by Sagem in France, the MC2000 is up to this day,  the most advanced FI system available on a motorcycle. The multipoint sequential injection will help you start the bike, affect fuel mix automatically according to battery charge, altitude, and even air filter condition!
3 millions operations/second can be achieved thanks to his 16 bits Siemens chip.
It's memory will keep track of Injection malfunctions (sensors etc...) and will tell your dealer where the problem is exactly, using a coding system.
The sensors and injectors are made by Lucas, and the coils integrated to the spark plugs (Nippondenso). The spark loss is nil, and the ignition quality is constant whatever the revs. This is impossible to achieve with  a standard
CDI unit. The system being very easy on plugs, you can achieve 40000 kms before replacing the plugs!
The system will calculate the parameters given by the 6 sensors according to a mapping (or "tune") which can be updated from ur dealer on a regular basis!!
Many more features are available like the easy system to reset the throttle position, or the autosurveillance of the wiring loom, but a full website would be needed here.
If u need more info about this amazing system check out
this site...


Throttle bodies with the 3 Lucas injectors fitted :

Let's face it. This engine will not make the Daytona keep up in top speed with bikes powered by an inline 4 cylinders of the same displacement, but it was not designed for that.
This motor will be "fuller" than an inline 4, from low rev to mid rev, hence giving plenty of torque to pull your arms on every gears!
Torque. This is the purpose of this thing, and if you like the feeling of a bike powering you through corners in a very distinctive growl, then give it a go. After having tried V-twins, singles and inline fours, I found which engine configuration's for me, and I still need to try a bike which will make me change my mind about it. I'll have a triple thank you...

Engine:                 Liquid cooled inline DOHC TRIPLE
Bore and stroke:   79mm X 65 mm
Displacement:      955 cc
Carburation:        Nope, INJECTION! Sagem MC2000 FI system
Transmission:      6 speed wet, multi-plate gear
Peak HP:             128.67bhp @ 9,250 rpm
Peak Torque:        69,93 ft-lbs @ 7250 rpm