This page will give you an insight of what professionals and non professionals have said about the T595/955i...
Keep what you want from what is said here, but whatever u do, try a Daytona for urself too!
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"Chuck Graves really liked the big Triumph. He found it reminiscent of his old GSX-R1100 racers"  "In our unofficial Best of the Best Beauty Contest the T595 was runner-up to the radical R1."  WWW.MOTORCYCLE.COM

"The 955i meets all the requirements needed to carve a niche for itself in the hard-fought big-capacity sports bike category: an immensely powerful engine with a broad spread of torque, a chassis to satisfy even the hardest riders on the racetrack, and brakes which match ferocious stopping power with easy controllability. But with Triumph's focus on producing a machine designed for fast road use and not purely as a track-oriented machine, the 955i is able to offer its own particular qualities which enhance its real-world performance." 

"Featuring an oval section perimeter frame, single-sided swingarm and complete new engine design, Triumph has clearly expressed their determination to match the innovative design of their competitors."

"The 595 is an absolute dream. Not exactly the quickest 900 on the roads, but how often do you hit 150MPH+?"
Stuart (UK)

"I am in love" Andy Wallace (UK)

"The bike is spectacular.
In Florida, it runs a bit hot."
Arthur Rosenfeld (US)

"I was all set to buy a CBR900 RR till I tried
the Daytona. Now I am totaly inlove with the
T595. I would recomend it to anyone looking
for a liter size open class bike"
Neil Armstrong (Canada)

"A delightful pain in the neck but if I wanted a comfy bike I'd buy a goldwing or grow boring and get a car."
ALX (Australia)

"Great !!!!
The only problem I have is that under 4000 rpm, the engine is vibrating a few (my bike has 38000 kms or 22000 miles. This is something I didn't noticed on new 955i I have tested before."
Alain Bouveret (France)

Sjoerd (The Netherlands)

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