Okay, I am not really keen on Hondas. This manufacturer has always made blend road bikes as far as I am concerned (The CBR hype never affected me), except from few exceptions:
the RC30 750  (NC30 for the 400) and this SP-1 (Also called RC51)
On the other hand Honda's known for quality built production bikes, and a very strong RD innovations (cam gear train, dual CBS braking system etc...)
While the performance of this bike is not up to the price it is sold for, it is still the first V-twin to win a major Endurance race (Le Mans 2000) when this fact was always thought impossible due to the lack of reliability (and power against the big 4 cylinders of the opposition) produced by big V-twins during racing.  This is a great looking bike and I did notice it straight away when showed for the first time in the Paris motorcycle fair in 1999.
Here it is...

Engine Liquid cooled 4 stroke 8 valve DOHC 90 V-Twin
Bore & Stroke 100 x 63.6mm 
Displacement. 999cc
Horse Power 136 Bhp @9000 rpm
Torque 10.7Kg-m/8000 rpm
Trans. 6 speed
Dims. L x W x H 2023 x 679 x 1118
Seat Hight 813mm
Tyre Size Front/Rear 120/70 ZR17/190/50 ZR17
Fuel capacity 18 litres
Dry Weight 200kg